Why women like AR-15 – Is this semi-auto a good choice for self-defense?

Gun culture represents an integral part of American heritage. Despite this fact, there are still those who simply disapprove of the increase in number of women carrying guns, let alone own rifles. There are many reasons why women should carry guns.  Self-defense most certainly is the most important one. That being said, some might still wonder if it is actually necessary for a woman to own a rifle for self-defense, particularly a weapon as powerful as an AR 15. So, why do women like AR-15?

AR-15 history

When it comes to use of this semi-automatic weapon, it is important to know that it was initially developed for civilian purposes. However it soon became evident that the gun is revolutionary light weight, easily manageable, adaptable and effective. These qualities made it favorable for military use. Colt bought off the patent from the ArmaLite startup (hence the name AR) and developed it further into an automatic assault weapon used in Vietnam in the 1960’s (known as M16). Fast forward to present, it is estimated that 1 of every 5 firearms bought in the USA is an AR-15 style rifle.

Why women like AR -15 for self-defense

National Shooting Sports Foundation estimates that there are 5 to 10 million AR-15 style rifles only in US. Reasons for popularity of this weapon are many and majority of those reasons are precisely why, when it comes to long guns, women like AR-15. This semi-automatic firearm:

  • is one of the easiest rifles to handle
  • is light weight
  • has extremely low recoil
  • has stunning ballistics performance

All the above is what makes this weapon very well suited for women. Also, this firearm has a wide range of available features. It uses a variety of calibers and, what is more important, enables length pull adjustments. This is of particular importance for women because women, generally, have shorter distance between their shoulder and trigger finger than men do. So, women like AR-15 because it is compact, easy to shoot from, very fast and reliable. What else would you need for defense against a home invasion, for example?

AR-15 controversy

Together with popularity of this rifle, came its bad reputation. All reasons why women like AR-15 made criminals favor it too. It is an undisputed fact that many high-profile mass murders involved use of this particular weapon. Actually, AR-15 was used in 10 deadliest mass shootings in American modern history. Nonetheless, devoted supporters of this particular gun argue that great majority of AR-15 users never used it in a crime. Also, statistically speaking, AR-15’s share in country gun violence is quite small.  In any event, this bad reputation had no impact what so ever on the position of the gun on the market and in the hearts of those who swear in its performance. 

Is self-defense with an AR-15 a justified option?

To conclude, women like AR-15 because they like to feel safe, strong and capable.  AR-15 gives you that. Performances of this rifle and easiness of its use make it a recommendable weapon for self-defense purposes.  Once reasons why women like AR-15 are explained, it all comes down to whether use of such gun for self-defense purposes is actually needed or even justified. Canada, Australia and New Zeeland, for example, have banned use of semi-automatic firearms, including AR-15, for civilian purposes. However, numerous people who defended their homes and families using this firearm would probably say that when several people invade your home, it is better to be equipped and prepared than not to. 

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