Damsel in distress – Woman self-defense guns and ammo

Times when woman’s only task was to produce offspring and prepare food are long gone. Right to vote, right to work, technological and economic development all led to drastic changes in gender relations. From damsels in distress, innocently waiting for a hero to save them from trouble and marry them, women evolved into warrior queens fighting their own battles. Today’s damsels carry guns. They buy their own self-defense guns and ammo. They are no longer relying on men for their personal safety.

Self-defense guns and ammo- basic facts

First important fact to underline, when it comes to self-defense guns and ammo for women, is that there is no such thing as male of female caliber or gun. However, to enable an easier and more efficient use of a gun for self-defense purposes, a woman must consider following basics:


  • Caliber defines diameter of a bullet (i.e. metal projectile, excluding the casing). It is measured in inches or millimeters.
  • It is a traditional belief that smaller caliber has lower stopping power (this is, however, a matter of debate).
  • Smaller caliber generally means smaller gun (easier concealed carry).

For the last reason, some women might decide to buy a small handgun in a caliber of .22 or a .25 or .32.  However, selecting adequate self-defense gun and ammo is not that easy.

Small handguns

Small guns may be easier to conceal. However, there is another characteristic of such weapon to consider – the smaller the gun, the higher the recoil.  This means that your shot will have less accuracy. Also, it will take you more time to fire the second shot. Why the second shot, you might ask yourself. This is because small calibers, like those above mentioned,  have low or no stopping power at all.  So, you will probably have to fire the second shot in the event of self-defense. This also implies that you will have to take more practice shooting to be secure in your capability to defend yourself.

Favorite self-defense caliber

There are other characteristics of self-defense guns and ammo which could be discussed. These primarily include

  • bullet weigh
  • velocity
  • muzzle energy (rough indication of destructive potential).

However, it is fair to say that .380, .38 Special, .357 Magnum, 9 mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP belong to favorite rounds for self-defense purposes. All these are considered well-known and reliable choices.

Women and rifles

Women do not only use hand guns for their self-defense. Rifles also belong to their safety kits. When it comes to selection of a proper long gun for a woman, it is necessary to consider several matters such as:

  • weight
  • size
  • stock
  • caliber
  • recoil

Due to the mere fact that women serve in army, we cannot say that there is a typical male or female rifle. However, women do not have the same level of upper body strength as men. Also, women generally have shorter length of pull (distance between shoulder and trigger finger). So, to improve their performance, women should select a rifle with suitable characteristics. Ideal rifle for a woman would be light, with low recoil and preferably adjustable stock. AR 15, for example, is considered an excellent choice.

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