A female with a pistol – Why should women carry guns?

We are modern people living in a modern world. How many times have you heard this sentence being uttered as an excuse for numerous examples of uncivilized behavior? Modern people are rude and do not respect other people. They also do not like to take responsibility for their own actions. Last but not the least, modern people are increasingly more violent.  As a woman in this modern world, ask yourself how many times have you heard news of a crime which made you feel unsafe, scared and unprotected? Countless times probably. Some of you have been victims of violent crimes yourselves. Having a gun in such critical situation would probably make you feel safer and stronger. It would also make you feel more secure in your reaction. So, answer no. 1 to question why should women carry guns is simple. It makes them feel safer.

Safety comes first

Safety is a paramount interest of human society. Entire humanity wants to feel safe, but unfortunately not many of us have that privilege. Personal safety becomes an even bigger issue when we consider the fact that women are called the “weaker sex”. If women are weaker, which is matter of social and scientific debate, should not their potential to defend themselves be strengthened? Owning, carrying and being able to use a gun most certainly leads to a higher level of personal safety. Above all, women are not concerned only with their own safety but also that of their:

  • children
  • friends
  • property

Why should women carry guns? Primarily, to be able to protect themselves, their children, and their homes. Secondly, to feel confident that they can do so.

Independence – an answer to why should women carry guns

Another quality of a modern world is that women are no longer completely relying on men in any aspect of living. Women work, earn, engage in sports. Also, women become policemen and even go to wars. A notion of “typically male profession” or “typically male task” is being erased.  Women are continuously becoming more independent. Consequently, women are no longer relying on men for their protection. So, should women carry guns because it makes them feel more independent? The answer is yes. An individual, irrespective of the sex, should always be encouraged to develop various sets of skills, both mental and physical, which will help them stay safe, sound and alive.

Raised awareness of surroundings

Statistically speaking, women are more frequently victimized than men. Had such women been more aware of the danger lurking, their reaction to the event might have been timelier. Perhaps, the event itself would not occur. It is necessary to note that carrying a gun does not raise woman’s awareness of the surrounding by itself. It is the responsibility of having a gun with you that makes you more aware of the situation at all times. Carrying a gun means you have the assets needed to protect not only yourself but also those around you. Such responsibility makes you become more prone to evaluate the circumstances around you. This is because it becomes your task to imagine all potential scenarios and to act if necessary.

Modern world is a violent world. Violence breads fear and our reaction to fear is precisely what made human kind survive for centuries. Being able to react to fear properly, to defend yourself and those around you is what will make you prevail. To conclude, it is always better to rely on your own capacities than on what others may or may not, will or will not, can or cannot do.

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